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brand new product on the market

A compact, next generation solution – today.

Floodule technology is completely different to anything else on the property market

Modularity means easy

Using mobile and modular technology, we meet all the needs of a modern investor.

The whole structure is made of separate floating modules. How many and what size is decided by you, the buyer. Every project is different and we can deliver whatever you want.

Standard equipment

Because the technology is flexible, this can be either a five star luxury apartment anchored in a remote corner of the world, offices, a restaurant or accommodation for a large number of people. Above all, it is affordable and easily accessible.

The standard equipment of every floating house includes biological water treatment, plant and low voltage LED lighting. The technology can also easily incorporate eco-friendly solutions such as photovoltaic collectors, solar panels, water and wind turbines.


Floating houses are constructed using composite panels. These have very high rates of thermal and acoustic insulation. The epoxy laminated panels are fireproof, resistant to humidity and salt. They are non-corrosive and do not deteriorate like other materials.

The composite technology is widely used in many industries - automobiles, aviation, rail and now for water based structures. Epoxy is used in order to improve the mechanical, strength, and the thermal and chemical resistance as well.

It is tough, cheap and easy to maintain – the material which will increasingly define the world we all inhabit. An ultra modern material put to traditional use.

Floodule is a compact, next generation solution – available today.